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Sami Shamansim and Shamanic initiation are deeply and profoundly connected to the meeting with Gabba.
Gabba is the big white Reindeer God.
Sami Shamans/Noaidi meet the Gabba
a certain amount of times during the course of their life.
In this video I will give you the tools for you to understand and recognize the presence of this God on your shamanic path and tell you a bit my encounter with it.
I felt very compelled to make this video as there is so very little available in English and a big portion of that knowledge travels on words of mouth.
This video has been filmed in the vidda/tundra/Stødi area in Northern Norway and on the island of Sandhornøy in Northern Norway.
In the scene where you see me drumming…well that is the midnight sun, that scene has been filmed yesterday at midnight not far from my home here on the island.

All my love

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