SKT and Esoterica: Mystical Paths with the Tarot

From the Video Course III orientation series for the deck I created, the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. Course Page:

00:12 Cleansing the body and spiritual purification prior to any occult work

01:29 Intention behind creating the SKT Revelation was to be able to use a deck of tarot cards in pathworking, creative visualization techniques, and esoteric study; pictorial world-building to create “homes” for the occupying spirits

03:45 Nurtured skepticism and casting doubts at the value of pathworking

04:20 How the psychic-spiritual and the material-physical worlds run parallel and are interconnected; how manipulations in one realm can have an impact on events in the other; dangers of working with the occult without wisdom or strong mentors

06:17 What I mean by an “inner temple” and likening it to the method of loci

09:41 Addressing common beliefs that the occult is dangerous

10:25 Astral travel of the world and diverse cultures through the SKT; studying different cultures and religions in lieu of actually jet-setting around the world; inspiration behind the SKT Revelation illustrations

11:16 The value of building a diverse astral world to be the setting of your inner temple

13:10 Why I don’t go too detailed, step by step, for pathworking, etc.

14:25 In lieu of “teaching the occult,” going back to basics and teaching the rudimentary; reading academic papers and scholarly works on mysticism, mythology, theology, and the occult

16:30 How I conceptualize astral journeying vs. pathworking – astral journeying is your conscious mind traversing the ethereal or evanescent counterpart to our physical world; pathworking is your conscious mind traversing an intellectual construct humans designed as a framework for understanding the astral and physical worlds in totality

19:47 Why astral journeying, pathworking, and creative visualization exercises are imperative to the occultist

21:36 The SKT was created by an occultist for occultists, and what considerations went into that; and yet, why spiritual safety and security measures were implemented

24:54 The recurring sentiment among Western occultists that divination and fortune-telling are “low levels” of working with the tarot; the greater purpose for working with the tarot is pathworking, astral journeying, meditation, communion with the HGA, for ascension, etc.

25:56 The most important way the SKT Revelation can be used as an occultist’s tool

26:28 Reading to you from the Book of Maps…

29:58 Resuming commentary on the most important way the SKT Revelation can be used as a tool

* * *

This video orientation series is for those who ordered the SKT: Revelation. These are casual chats that I hope will help you to get started with your new deck of cards.

Subtitles in this video are auto-generated by YouTube. Anticipating that they might be insufficient, for those who prefer text, a supplemental PDF download can be found on the Course Page.


* * *


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