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The idea that spells can “backfire” seems really to be two ideas under the same name.

1) The spell you cast will cause the opposite result than the one you hoped for (the person you want to have love you will hate you; instead of the job promotion you hoped to get, you will be fired from the job)

2) The spell you cast will somehow turn into a sort of baby that will ensnare and entrap you in its clutches (instead of the person you want loving you more, you will love them more; instead of the job promotion you hoped to get, you will be forced to cast spells over and over to stop people on the job from envying your success)

In the first group we find backfiring spells that are said to be the result of casting spells “the wrong way” or with “the wrong words” or with “bad intentions.” In the second group we find certain spells deemed to be ipso facto and “dangerous” to the practitioner.

Both of these forms of backfiring are dramatic and fictional in their origins. Like the related concept of “spell overload” mentioned above, they are crippling to the practitioner, and may even have been designed by their creators to function in that way, as warnings about the “dangers” of practicing powerful folk magic outside the confines of sanctioned churchly miracles and blessings.

Here are some quotes
“Too much work on a target, especially working on the mind, can backfire on you.”
“If you do mind reading spells wrong or for malicious reasons then they can backfire.”
“Bragging about magical successes can cause jealousy, strife, and definitely backfire.”
“Too often people get really forceful and that can backfire.”
“The target putting the oil on himself could backfire.”
“Intranquility spells can backfire on you, so be warned.”
“Spells for intranquility and separation can backfire.”
“It is not something to be taken on lightly and can definitely backfire.”
“Do you think that would work or could that backfire?”
“If you do not do the bath PERFECT IN EVERY WAY does that mean it can backfire on you in a negative way?”
“If I decide to hotfoot him, might it not backfire?”
“I’m afraid it would backfire.”
“I just don’t want to put in the wrong wordings and backfire instead!”
“I don’t want to try and kiss him and have it backfire.”
“I don’t want to do anything that would be risky or could backfire in any way!”
“I don’t want the spell to backfire.

Do you see how self-defeating, self-scaring, and pointlessly dramatic those ideas are?

They are obviously the scripts of people who were raised to fear and avoid magic.

If you feel that your work will backfire, magic is not something to which you are habituated or for which you are gifted. Go do something else, something in which you have hopeful and cheerful confidence. PLEASE.

After the Magick (After Spell Work)

When you have finished your magick you should avoid lusting for result. You can still think about the result you want to occur, but avoid searching, hoping and praying for it to come true. Doing this can hijack the magick. Instead, act as though you are so confident in the magick that you don’t need to worry. When you do think about the result you seek, simply recreate the feeling of gratitude that the result has come to pass (as though it already has) and you open the door to results. If results don’t show up immediately, avoid saying, ‘That ritual didn’t work,’ because impatience will never help a result to come about.

You never know where and when a result may manifest, so don’t assume that a ritual has failed just because you don’t see instant results. Although this magick is designed to work fast, results can sometimes occur later, when you are ready, and when you least expect it. In some cases, it may take you a while to attune to the magick. If you say that a ritual has failed, you are drawing a line under it and cancelling it out. It is far better to assume that the magick will keep working, and can bring your result about at some point in the future. Most of the time, this isn’t an issue, as the magick works fast. Where you can, you should also put in some of your own effort in the real world.

If you ask for Protection From Violence make sure you don’t shout abuse at your neighbors. If you want your talent to be recognized, work on improving your talent. Magick works best when you put in some effort of your own. That may require a little imagination. If, for example, you are using magick to improve self-esteem, take the time to sit alone with your feelings for a few minutes. That could be enough, and shows the spirits that you also have a commitment to the magick. When you are committed to the magick, so are they.

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