Spells for Money – Prosperity Magick – Live Magic Q&A with Madame Pamita and Joseph James

Spells for Money – Prosperity Magick – Live Magic Q&A with Madame Pamita and Joseph James

Welcome to the Live Magic Q&A Tea Party!

Every Sunday I offer a live Q&A via Zoom where you can ask questions via chat and my guests and I will answer them! It’s free, it’s fun and it’s the next best thing to having a cup of Earl Grey with me! You can join us live by going to http://spellsquad.com and signing up!

This week my guest is Joseph James. Joseph is a money mindset coach who works with spiritual entrepreneurs around the world, helping them to release money blocks, own their worth, and create a life of wealth and freedom on their terms.

He is the host of Money, Mindset & Strategy podcast, the author of 5 books on money, mindset, and manifestation as well as countless online trainings and coaching courses.

He has consulted for global brands and celebrities and created financial freedom and a fully mobile lifestyle. Joseph will be doing LIVE money coaching and taking your questions during the session!

You can find him at https://moneymindsetandstrategy.com/

And Madame Pamita at https://parlourofwonders.com and http://instagram.com/madamepamita


In this episode we answer the questions:

– What money manifesting tips are there for someone who wants to work for themselves?
– What spells help with employment during the pandemic?
– How can you manifest money when you looking for a new field
– What should I do if I did cleansing bath and money drawing bath and nothing seems to manifest for me?
– What meditations are good for money?
…and more!


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