Spirit Guide Magic Spell – How Do I Find My Spirit Guide? Magic and the Law of Attraction Episode 31

Spirit Guide Magic Spell – How Do I Find My Spirit Guides?

Hey everyone! The Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast is BACK!

Everyone has a council of spirit guides around them, assisting them and guiding them to their highest spiritual levels. It’s like your own personal advisory board with an extra dose of high vibes! These guides are really there to teach us and support us and the more we connect to them and listen to their guidance, the more we can accelerate getting to our best life. Getting a spirit guide reading can start you on the path, but where do you go from there? In this episode, I show you the seven steps to finding your spirit guides so that you can build an ongoing relationship with them and encounter them and their beautiful messages on a daily basis. One you bring your guides into your life, you’ll never know how you did without them.

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Posted on March 18, 2020 by A.J. Drew
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