Spiritual Wellness with Covid-19 – Live Magic Q&A with guests Dr. Amanda Cohen and Diana Zalucky

Spiritual Wellness with Covid-19 – Magic Q&A with Madame Pamita and guests Dr. Amanda Cohen and Diana Zalucky

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This week my guests are Dr. Amanda Cohen and Diana Zalucky.

Dr. Amanda Cohen is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine and she is the Founder of Source Point Wellness, a healing oasis in Los Angeles. In her practice, she seamlessly integrates eastern and western medicine with spiritual healing. Though her practice is in Los Angeles, she has developed a healing modality of combining distance reiki with acupuncture and is able to treat people anywhere in the world to help heal the mind, body and spirit. For more info, please visit http://instagram.com/sourcepointwellness or email Dr. Amanda at drcohen@sourcepointwellness.com.

Diana Zalucky is an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor, and host of The Healer Dealer podcast where she connects her listeners to the tools to empower the healer within themselves through conversations with the modern mystics, healers and visionaries of our time! During her Akashic readings, Diana receives direct and loving advice from your guides, ancestors and loved ones to help you on your journey!

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And we answer the questions:
Is there anything magical or herbal that’s good for joint pain?
Are lightworkers being called to duty?
How to get our loved ones to understand that this crisis is serious.
How can we help confused and suffering souls?
Do you have to be Christian to practice hoodoo?
Are Advil and Tylenol dangerous for Covid19?
And more…

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Source Point Wellness


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