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Summoning the Game – Part 4.1 of Fjǫlkyngi – Stories of Seiðr and Initiation- TEASER & INFORMATION

This is a teaser to part 4.1 of the lecture series by Maria Kvilhaug titled: “Fjǫlkyngi – Stories of Seiðr and Initiation: Part 4: Practical Seidr, Part 4.1: Summoning the Game.” The full video is available for patrons at

This teaser also contain information about the previous episodes on

What is out for Patrons (as of April 2021):

“The Goddess Idunn in Poetry and Myth” – a Lecture in Three Parts.

Part1; “Skaldskaparmál” (January 2021)
Part 2; “Haustlöng – A Skaldic Poem of the Viking Age (January 2021)
Part 3: Hrafnagaldr Odins (February 2021)

Fjǫlkyngi – Stories of Seiðr and Initiation – A Lecture Series in Many Parts

Episode 1: The Basics of Seiðr (February 2021)
Episode 2: Seiðr as a Tradition of Oracular Divination (March 2021)
Episode 3: In League with the Norns – Völur as “Fairy Godmothers” and the Tale of the Sleeping Beauty (March 2021)
Episode 4.1: Practical Seiðr: Summoning the Game (April 2021)

Seasonal Talks (Made Public)

Hökunott – Midwinter Night Blót (January 2021)
Dísablót (February-March 2021) (Also on YouTube)
Eostre (March 2021)

Single Lectures:

The Mysteries of Oseberg -recorded livestream lecture that I held last summer for Heathen Women United

Norwegian Yule Traditions – Family Traditions, Folklore and Heathen Roots – video version of my most recent lecture for Needfire

Audio Book Project:
Audio Readings from my Novel “The Hammer of Greatness” chapter by chapter.

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