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The Energy Points that Can Fuel Magical Workings | Talk Witchcraft Tuesday


Hello and welcome to episode 12 of the Talk Witchcraft podcast where I’ll be talking about the Chakra System and how you can tap into these energy points to fuel your magic.

“Something I have found really beneficial about working with my chakras is that I don’t need any tools because they are part of my body and I can always access them. Learning about this energy system really helped me to better understand the flow of energy throughout the body. And I think this is why the concept of chakras is so popular: the accessibility. These energy points are found within all of our bodies and there is no need for external things to access them.”

Tune in to hear about witchcraft and working with your chakras for healing. You’ll also learn about cultural appropriation and how to avoid it in your witchcraft practice.

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Posted on September 29, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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