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The Gift (Documentary) Promotional Trailer

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Sadie Straker Instagram: @vali_canopy

My name is Jacob and I am a Norse Pagan. I started my journey with the Old Gods in 2016, in 2019 I was giving an offering to Odin outside of my home and I felt his presence before me. In a few short words I knew my task ahead of me, I needed to gather the folk. With backgrounds in running my own photography business, and my time managing restaurants, I had the skills to make a difference.

I started with an Instagram account in June 2019 to start reaching out to others for the first time, and in August 2019 I began my journey into youtube. While it was a slow journey at first, I continued to make videos in hopes that they could help others who started out lost like me. By February of 2020 I made the first huge step into what the Wisdom of Odin was created to do, I put out a call to gather the folk. Within a week I had 9 people ready to meet in Kentucky for an Ostara festival, and it was one of the most beautiful days of our lives.

We started something on that hill, we set in motion something I think will change the world. We started to plan the next gathering a day after returning home. Midsummer would become a life changing experience all over again. We gathered 27 people to worship the old gods in Kentucky.

In between those two gatherings the Wisdom of Odin sky rocketed in viewership and community support. While I am so honored to be watched by so many, my ability to respond to meesages is coming to an end. All I can do is to continue to promote these gatherings, and make videos to help others.

There is a dream that exist, a dream that grows closer by the day. A dream to build a hall in North America! Keep watching for updates on its development. This hall will not be easy and it will have cost, I am working with some amazing people to make this happen and I hope when the time comes youll be willing to take up hammers to assist us in its construction.

Patreon has become an amazing community, and through the patronage of over 100 people it has become one of the fastest growing Patreon’s in the world. The greatest benifit I can give is a Discord community that may be one of the best out there. With over 20 admins it is a well oiled machine of constant conversations on the Gods and the old ways. If you wish to join this Discord community please consider donating at the first level of my Patreon ($5). With your support I can soon become a full time youtuber while also keeping this channel ad free!

This is the most amazing journey I could of ever hoped to be on, we are doing amazing things my friends, my folk. We have much work to do.

Posted on August 17, 2020 by A.J. Drew
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