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The Many Gods of Heathenry and Asatru (Gods of the Norse Pantheon)

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In this video we take a journey through the Gods by first discussing what exactly a God is within the context of Polytheism, and then discussing the different kinds of Gods within Heathenry and Asatru. Come along for the ride.

music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

0:00 – intro

0:26 – Defining the Gods
4:38 – The Aesir
6:17 – The Vanir
8:52 – The Rokkr
11:12 – The Dwarves and Alfar
13:05 – The Landspirits and Ancestors
15:34 – The Jotun
17:51 – Gods Beyond Heathenry

Posted on May 14, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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