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The Second Pentacle of the Sun – Working With the Archangel Michael

The Second Pentacle of the Sun – Working With the Archangel Michael

If you are working with the material from my free Basic Angel Magic Course (BAM) you may be interested in using this pentacle from the Greater Key of Solomon!

BAM is free of charge, sign up here:

You can use it for both waxing and waning moon magic when working with the archangel Michael (the planetary angel of the Sun in our system).

Make sure that you work with the angel who rules the areas of life that you are working magic. See the BAM handouts for all those correspondences.

For a clear picture of the talisman see this post:

00:00:00 – On an orange sheet of paper or card, draw a six-inch circle with blue ink or pencil.
00:00:09 – Draw a second circle outside the first circle, one-half an inch larger.
00:00:16 – Draw 8 even spokes with a hub in the center of the circle.
00:00:35 – Draw the solar symbols at the ends of each spoke, working clockwise.
00:00:51 – Draw the names of Michael’s helper angels, in Hebrew, clockwise (be sure to write each name from right to left, when writing in Hebrew)
00:01:05 – Darken all the circles and lines.
00:01:20 – Carefully cut out the talisman, being sure not to cut into the circle.
00:01:28 – On the reverse, write your petition in the Passing the Rivers Script.

If you are working this ritual on a waxing moon, keep the talisman until the next new moon, then tear it up and throw it away.

If you are working this ritual on a waning moon, rip up the talisman right away, after you have finished your petition.

For free in-depth training in this work, including how to write in the different scripts, enroll in BAM!

Music: “On Your Way Home” by Colton Walls

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Posted on May 4, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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