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Unicorn Messages!

A group of unicorns is known as a “blessing”… and I’m surrounded by them right now! =) This video is a recounting of how I’ve noticed the symbol of the Unicorn recurring throughout my life this week, and looking back at my past in this lifetime, noticing how Unicorns have been present all along. I wanted to share this video also as an example of synchronicity in my life, and how I notice repeating symbols or patterns and see them as messages for me to pay attention to.

One thing I forgot to mention in this video was that Lauren also told me she has a similar Unicorn mother and baby wall hanging, in her craft room. That reminded me that this past Sunday, before the event when this whole unicorn conversation started, I was at my grandmother’s house and she asked me if there was anything in my mom’s old craft room downstairs that was mine, that I wanted to take. I decided not to take anything from there at this time, but one of the only things there was a lace-trimmed wall hanging that my mother had made, and of course, it was a picture of a Unicorn. I had forgotten about seeing it until a craft room was mentioned! lol

After recording this video I remembered another thing I saw while at my grandmother’s on Sunday and going through my old school things, from maybe 3rd or 4th grade. It was an activity packet with lessons from a children’s book we read as a class, “A Unicorn Named Beulah Mae” by Jane H. Stroschin. In that book, Beulah Mae doesn’t want to be a unicorn because she’s so different, and she’d rather be like everyone else. The overall lesson is about being yourself and accepting your unique gifts that make you who you are. So that could be another lesson of the Unicorn symbolism, for anyone keeping track. =P

Both of those above things happened on Sunday, before the conversation at the event that I *thought* started this whole thing… So it really started earlier, but I didn’t begin to notice it until the conversation at the event, and then coming home and noticing them everywhere!

Then, also AFTER I finished recording this video and saying how I’m sure I’ll keep seeing unicorns for a while… while this video was uploading, I clicked on Jenna Marbles’ latest video, an update about her dog, Marbles. And guess what Jenna is wearing in that video…? A hoodie with rainbow unicorns. XD You can see it here:

The Universe is hilarious.

Oh, and then after ALL that, I checked the mail and had a holiday card from my friend Danni, and it had a dragon stamp. XD Dragons, asserting that they still have a place in my life lol.

Thanks for watching! What are your favorite mythical creatures?

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Posted on December 14, 2018 by A.J. Drew
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