What Do I Need to Know to Do Successful Love Spells? Magic and the Law of Attraction Episode 30

Successful Love Spells – What do I need to know to do a magic love spell? Why do some love spells never work? The three basic rules of love magic.

Hey everyone! The Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast is BACK!

Do your love spells sizzle or fizzle? Love is amazing and love spells can bring in that perfect new love or reconcile a broken relationship. But what happens if your love spells fall flat? You’ve probably ignored the three basic rules to do successful love spells. All is not lost though! In this episode, I cover the three things you need to know before casting a love spell including the three magic words I include in every spell (not just love spells). Do you want to really get your love thing on? Well, then you’ll want to listen to this heartfelt episode and learn how to cast successful love spells and make love magic that lasts.

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Posted on March 11, 2020 by A.J. Drew
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