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What Do We Know About Eir, the Norse Healing Goddess?

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In this vid, we explore Eir, the Norse Goddess of healing. A Goddess on which there is scant information, but a vibrant modern practice.

Further reading:
– Practical Guide to Asatru by Patricia Lafayllve
– Roles of the Northern Goddess – Hilda Ellis Davidson
– Heimskringla
– Poetic Edda
– Prose Edda

00:00 – Intro
00:14 – Eir the Goddess of Physicians & Medicine
00:59 – Nafnathulur & The Valkyries
01:59 – Eir’s association with healing – The Sayings of Fiolsvinn
03:30 – Woman in medicine & Heimskringla – Saint Olaf’s Saga
05:33 – Alfgerd & the Droplaugarsonar Saga
05:59 – What we know about Eir & modern practice (SPG)
07:43 – Conclusion

music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Posted on June 4, 2021 by A.J. Drew
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