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Witchual Workout 21: Kiss the Earth

Welcome to the Witchual Workout with Laura Tempest Zakroff – a ritually-inspired movement experience designed to get us moving a bit more on a daily basis. Each day, we’ll have a different magical focus and build up our stamina and body exploration.

Today is all about thinking about kissing the earth with our feet. To make contact with the ground that is easy on our bodies – and the ground as well! We start exploring a few kinds of different steps as well. It’s definitely a bit more of a workout today if you follow along, so be sure to hydrate and breathe!

Max the kitten joins in too!

First Song: “Pythia” by Nathaniel Johnstone

Second Song:
“Kese Kese” – Transglobal Underground – Where’s the Sarangi Mix by DJ Cheb i Sabbah (MahaMaya)

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Posted on August 23, 2020 by A.J. Drew
Shared by: A.J. Drew

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