We’re Back Bitches!

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Pagan Nation -1- failed for a couple reasons. Members, including myself, would open our mouths and say things others would take offense to. You know, like ‘We’re back bitches!’ I know, the word bitches is demeaning to women and yada, yada. Thing is, you do not have to like me or anyone else to like Pagan Nation -2- due to design. I’ve taken a hint from other successful social media. Members each have their own walls which serve as forums of sorts. Members can create their own public and private groups as additional forums.

Members can moderate their own walls and group walls. There is no reason for anyone to complain about content. If you do not like a group, leave it. Find another or start your own.

So far, it all looks functional but I could sure use your help. Please visit the forums to let me know what is ugly, confusing, or flat out broken.

Shared by: A.J. Drew

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