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The Fruits Of Yggdrasil Price: $43.49 (as of 03/02/2023 05:16 PST- Details)



Yggdrasil is the cosmic ash tree, it is Odins steed and gallows from whence the runes were delivered to the world. It is the tree of life, a complexity of meanings enlarged and enriched by the music of this CD. The music ranges from conveying the maelstrom of a curse (Nithing) to the delicate melodic harp tracery of a hymn of praise to Wotan. Leading off with Havamal, Freya’s intonation of the eddic poem ‘ the hymn of the high words’ the eighteen runecalls vibrated powerfully into the aether, Patrick’s music giving the words of magick and invocation a spirit of authentic and eldrich power. Whether martial cacophony of percussion, or delightfully melodic (as on North star) the whole of the ‘Fruits’ has the hallmark of a genuine grimoire. Here is magick of intent, a synthesis of fire and ice, a reminder that these elder beings are not dead! They can be rekindled to interweave once again with our wills and desires. Just listen to the spirited swirling majesty to end ‘Ragnarok’.

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