Same Sex Initiation in Wicca

Same Sex Ritual

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know traditional Wicca involved sexual initiation. This is why Gardner, Buckland and the Frosts insist men initiate women and women initiate men. There is a little bit of debate over Alex Sander’s initiation men, but for the most part his tradition followed the same rules. That’s right young folk, in the genre of sexually transmitted diseases Wicca was a homophobic super spreader. Everyone in the coven was sexually related to everyone else, usually to the high priest or high priestess. When a high priestess hived off, she started another germ pool.

At the time, same sex relations were generally thought of unnatural. They have explained it as polarity this and polarity that. But these are different times. We have accepted the notion that the penis does not make a man. We know that a vagina does not make a woman. And yet, those arguments are still made.

Those arguments become necessary when we hide the nature of sexual initiation. When we are not open about these initiations, we have to come up with clever ways of expressing our preferences. Today’s culture is much more sexually open. We have words to address these matters. With these words set in our culture, things do not even seem all that odd.

I was courted, got married and had sex on our wedding night. Courting was my pre initiation period. A time when I got to know my coven and my coven got to know me. When I was ready to join them and they were ready to join with me, we formalized the union. A man just wouldn’t fit into my syster coven. Not because of polarity, we’ve got plenty of that. Because our coven is a marriage.

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