Saudi Arabia embraces pagan festival of Halloween – 5Pillars

According to media reports from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is fully embracing the pagan festival of Halloween with pumpkins, lights and ghoulish decorations springing up around malls and homes in the kingdom.

The National newspaper reports that Fahad Alzowaid, a store manager in Riyadh, said he was enjoying seeing the happiness the holiday brought to people. “Everyone is buying make up, costumes and props to celebrate it,” he said.

Malls around the kingdom are selling Halloween-inspired costumes and decorations, while bakeries and supermarkets are capitalising on the pumpkin season and are offering items for those celebrating Halloween.

This year people can attend public Halloween events with their families, including Horror Adventures at Riyadh Season’s Winter Wonderland, which has a haunted house, a scary maze and games. In the capital, people can also drive up to the Tuwaiq Palace in Riyadh for trick-or-treating.

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